Proposed Bylaws


Dear Members,

Our current Constitution & Bylaws are 28 years old and in need of an update. There are several critical areas, especially addressing Open Records and Indemnification of the Directors, that are not currently addressed, leaving serious liability issues. The Northwest Ministry Network has recommended a single governance document that has been developed over time and vetted by Assemblies of God legal counsel.

Your board of directors has spent months reviewing and revising these proposed bylaws to abide by the Network recommendations but to make them unique and relevant to our local congregation.
Following are the main differences between the proposed and existing documents. Please email any questions or comments to: We will be having a virtual information meeting with Dr. Don Detrick from the Network Office in the next couple of months. All members will be notified of that meeting via mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service.


Main Differences:

1. One document instead of two.
2. Pastoral staff spouses are given automatic membership.
3. Review of membership required 60 days before membership meeting rather than “prior to membership meeting.”
4. Membership process outlined in “Policy & Operations” manual, not bylaws.
5. No longer a 30-day requirement of membership to vote.
6. Absentee or “advance poll” voting not allowed.
7. A membership meeting quorum is now; “all members present and voting.”
8. Pastor serves as President of the Corporation.
9. Deacon board shall consist of a minimum of the officers and a maximum of 9 rather than being set at 7 members.
10. Removal of deacon can be done without cause by 2/3 of board rather than by membership.
11. Term of pastor is indefinite after election by membership with annual reviews by the board rather than a vote by the membership every 5 years.
12. Removal of pastor simplified to “failure to meet qualifications.”
13. Property and contracts. Limit increased to $150,000 from $25,000 by board authorization.
14. Property and contracts. Can be approved by 2/3rds membership present at a meeting rather than 2/3rd of total membership.
15. Indemnification to protect staff and board in the event of legal proceedings.
16. Section added for “Emergency Powers”
17. Section added regarding Washington State open records law.
18. Possible amendments only need 3 weeks’ notice rather than 30 days.
19. Amendments require 60% of active members present rather than 2/3rds.
20. Network notified of special meetings and allows Network Official to chair.