My Final Blog 3.31.24
Jerry Beebe


Well friends, my journey is coming to an end.   Not really the journey itself, but a large chapter of the journey, is about to close.  The past 38 years has been a wonderful experience and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share with you on a weekly basis.  Back in 1988, when I started writing a weekly column, I told you that my desire was to visit each of you, over a cup of coffee, in your home every week.  But since I knew that wasn’t possible, I would stay in touch by writing a short article each week.  It’s been my way of staying connected to the church family I so dearly love.   These articles, or columns, or blogs, have been varied.  From humor, to personal experiences, to promoting upcoming events, to spiritual devotionals, to announcing new programs…..and the list goes on and on.

The idea for a weekly chat from the pastor was not mine.   As a kid, growing up at Forks Assembly of God, my pastor, Ward Tanneberg, had such a weekly article.  He was the one  baptized me when I was just a student.  I remember every Sunday turning in our bulletin to see what Pastor Tanneberg had to share that week.  It impacted me.  It connected me to my pastor.  It showed he cared.  I hope my writing discipline over these decades has done the same for you.   That it helped you to get to know me better, melded our hearts together and served as a vehicle to connect us on a more personal level.

I love you, and will continue serving you.   Just in a different capacity and in a different way.   I’ll still be connected as Pastor Darth has graciously invited Linda and I to remain as part of this great church family.   But I’ve passed the leadership baton and the pastoral mantle has been transferred so the need for this blog has come to an end.   I’ve enjoyed connecting in this way and trust it’s been a blessing to you as well.