Supporting Our New Pastor 3.17.24
Jerry Beebe


We have a new Lead Pastor!   I’m so pleased to report that Darth Creek was elected last Sunday at our annual business meeting with a strong 97% vote.   The board sensed, after prayer and fasting, that Pastor Darth should be our next spiritual leader and we began an intentional succession plan.  The plan, though held confidential, was not secretive but done with the supervision and guidance of our Assemblies of God Network Leadership.   We simply trusted God would confirm or redirect our steps in the process of following our bylaws with a congregational vote.   Well, there’s no doubt that the Lord confirmed the direction we were headed and we welcome as a gift from God, our new Lead Pastor Darth Creek.

I’ll continue as “pastoral assistant” until May 31st and the Linda and I will be taking the summer off.  Our plan however, with Pastor Darth’s blessing, is to return as active and supportive members next fall.   I’m looking forward to doing all I can to serve and support my new pastor.   On April 7th, I’ll be preaching a message from 2 Timothy on the 7 basic duties of a church toward their pastor.

In the meantime, we will continue to work together as always as a unified team to serve this great congregation.   I hope you’ll pray for a spirit of grace as we all transition in the next couple months to Pastor Creek’s leadership.   By the way, please put on your calendar now, Sunday June 23rd, as our Network Leader Don Ross will be with us to officially commission our new pastor.   We’ll also have a reception that day for Pastor, Jenni and his family.

The seasons are changing and we need not fear.   God is with us and God is leading us.   Let’s trust Him as we move forward to “inspire lifelong relationship with Jesus.”