Prayers are Coveted 2.18.24
Jerry Beebe


Today I want to thank everyone who faithfully prays for the pastoral staff and encourage those who don’t to take a few minutes a day and ask God to strengthen, equip and bless those who are in spiritual authority over us.   Being a pastor is not an easy job and we need the help of the Lord on a daily basis.   It’s amazing how taxing both physically and emotionally it can be to walk families through the challenges of life.   Often, church members really don’t have a clue what a pastor does during the week.  All most people see is his or her teaching ministry on the weekend.   Let me give you a glance at a recent week.   No complaints, not looking for sympathy – but just want you to realize why praying for your pastors is so important.

*Dealt with a family who received a call during the night that their 38 year old daughter had died.   This couple has raised their grandchildren including a six year old still in their home who had to be told that Mom had died.

*Found a dirty, non-verbal, 7 year old wandering through our building after a recent service.  The child’s dad was passed out in a car parked in our lot.  Dealing with the police, mental health worker, EMT’s,  etc. while trying to contain the child was somewhat stressful.

*A family in the church was informed a 12 year old granddaughter had attempted to take her own life.

*A request to meet and help deal with a situation involving child custody while the Mom was in rehab.  The Mom and the Grandparents were at odds on who and how to care for the child.

*A missing young lady and the worry that she is being trafficked.  (Praise the Lord that she is now back home)

*In the midst of these crisis, there was study and preparation for a mid-week Bible class, a Sunday morning message that needed written, attendance at several church events, a trip to the store to buy supplies for the kitchen, people on the phone who needed prayer, some building maintenance items that needed attention, a counseling appointment, lunch with a fellow pastor and a few other assorted items.

Again, it’s all part of ministry and your pastors do it with joy and a servant’s heart.   No complaints and no sympathy wanted or needed.  BUT…..we sure could use your daily prayers!  I’d especially encourage you to pray for Pastor Darth as he assumes the Lead Role.  There’s a lot to carry and he needs the strength, wisdom, and help of the Lord.   I know I’m praying for him daily and I hope you will too.