Nominating Committee 1.7.24
Jerry Beebe


Each year our corporate membership is called upon to elect individuals to serve on our Board of Directors.  This happens at our Annual Meeting which this year will be held on Sunday, March 10th.    The duties of the Board of Directors include managing the internal affairs of Wenatchee First Assembly.  Much of what the board deals with is in the financial realm of ministry since by virtue of their office they are fiduciary trustees.   The also, however, act in an advisory capacity to the Lead Pastor in all matters pertaining to the spiritual life of the church.

The process of of selecting nominees for board positions is given to a “nominating committee” who prays, interviews, vets and has the responsibility of forwarding specific names to the membership.  This committee will soon be meeting and values your suggestions as to names of individuals to be considered.   Since no nominations are allowed from the floor, it’s important that if you have a suggestion for a possible board member that you contact one of the following people:

Pastor Jerry Beebe

Karen Knell

Stan Smoke

Janice Hendricks

Julie Kuntz

The names you suggest will be fully considered by the committee as they form a slate of nominees for this years meeting.   We have three positions open this year which will be filled by a vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting.   It’s a great process that is outlined in our By-Laws which can be found under the “Resource” tab of our website.   Thanks for your prayers and your input as we seek God’s will for those who would want in leadership of our great church!