New Members 1.14.24
Jerry Beebe


Anyone who attends Wenatchee First Assembly is a “member” in my heart.  But hey, I’m the pastor and a shepherd cares about their sheep without conditions.  If WFA is your church home, then I’m here to guide you in your spiritual journey, care for you, teach you and pray for you.   But when the State of Washington looks at a church they see a non-profit organization made up of officers, a board of directors and members.   Those members are the ones who have the authority to make the rules, elect their leaders and conduct the official business.    That’s why church membership is really important.

Last fall we offered membership classes to those who wanted to commit as “corporate” members.  We reviewed the history, doctrinal beliefs, and management of WFA.   As a result of that I’m happy to report that 11 people have applied and been approved as official members.  They will now have a vote at our Annual Meeting on who our new Lead Pastor will be and who will fill the 3 open spots on our board of directors.  I really appreciate their commitment to our church and want to officially welcome:

Linda Baker

Megan Creek

Rachel Creek

Steve Fifield

Keith & Mary Kidwell

Keith & Angela Kistler

Camille McCurdy

Brant & Brenda Rasmussen

Our corporate membership now stands at 173 and we’d love to have you join us.   If you are interested in membership, please contact me or our church office and you’ll be notified the next time we have a membership class.