Ten Prophecies 12.24.23
Jerry Beebe


Merry Christmas Everyone!!   On behalf of the entire Leadership Team, including the board of directors, the pastoral and the support staff, let me wish you a very blessed Christmas Season!  It’s a wonderful time of year as we celebrate the birth of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.   Did you know that Jesus’ birth, life, and death were foretold, predicted and recorded hundreds of years before the historic night in Bethlehem?   Please allow me to share with you today 10 prophecies from the Old Testament that were fulfilled with the coming of Jesus.   (The first verse listed is the prophecy and the second the fulfillment)

  1. Jesus will come from the line of Abraham.  Genesis 12:3 / Matthew 1:1
  2. Jesus’ mother will be a virgin.  Isaiah 7:14  /  Matthew 1: 18-23
  3. Jesus will be a descendent of Isaac and Jacob.  Genesis 17:19  /  Matthew 1:2
  4. Jesus will be born in the town Bethlehem.  Micah 5:2  /  Luke 2: 1-7
  5. Jesus will be called out of Egypt.  Hosea 11:1  /  Matthew 2: 13-15
  6. Jesus will be a member of the tribe of Judah.  Genesis 49:10  /  Luke 3:33
  7. Jesus will enter the temple.  Malachi 3:1  /  Luke 2: 25-27
  8. Jesus will be from the lineage of King David.  Jeremiah 23:5  /  Matthew 1:6
  9. Jesus birth will be accompanied by great suffering and sorrow.  Jeremiah 31:15  /  Matthew 2:16
  10. Jesus will live a perfect life, die by crucifixion, resurrect from death and ascend into heaven.   Psalm 22:16  /  1 Peter 2: 21-22