Retirement 11.12.23
Jerry Beebe


It’s been 38 years since I moved to Wenatchee and joined the staff of this great church.   It’s been an honor and joy that I’ll forever cherish but the Lord has spoken clearly that it’s time to retire and pass the trust of pastoral leadership to another person.  As I’ve said so often, “God is eternal, but I’m not.”   In the natural, I’m tired and want to retire early enough to take advantage of my health to spend more time with family, camping, biking, skiing and taking short-term teaching assignments.   I also feel that for us as a church to move into a more effective and fruitful season, we need new fresh leadership.   Doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong but again is simply a natural progression.  But the main reason I’ve made this decision is to be obedient to the Lord.   I’m not trying to sound spiritual, but I have no doubt that I’ve heard from the Lord that this is the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

I’ve always said timing is everything.   I want to leave when people still want me to stay; and I hope that’s the case.   I’m not resigning and suddenly leaving.   I’m announcing my intent to retire next spring and until that time we are going to take this journey together.   As God told Joshua, He is also saying to us:   “Be strong and courageous – for I am with you!”   I’m confident the Lord will lead us through this transition and into the next season of time.

The board of directors has put a lot of prayer, fasting, and preparation into a plan that we truly believe is of the Lord!   They will announce their choice, as a pulpit committee, after the first of the year and we’ll be able to vote on our new pastor in March.  I’m planning to stay on for a couple months to help the new pastor in anyway I can.    I’m looking forward to being his number one cheer-leader as the mantle of leadership is passed.

For the next several weeks, it’s imperative that we “seek the Lord.”    No decision, let alone a major one like this, should be made without us spending time with Jesus and obtaining His heart and mind.   I’ve prepared a special prayer guide for this transition period and if you’d like one mailed to you, just email me and I’ll make sure you get one.   You can contact me at    I love you and thank you for your support in the past and ask you continue to support me and this wonderful church during this current time of transition.