Q & A’s 11.19.23
Jerry Beebe


My recent announcement that I’ll be retiring next spring has certainly created some questions.   I don’t have all the answers but I do know that God is leading us and will go before us with His presence, giving us courage, to enter this new season.  As I mentioned Sunday, the number one question I’ve been asked is about my wife Linda’s continuing involvement in teaching pre-school.    She sure loves those kids  and I know parents throughout the decades have appreciated all the extra things she does to make that classroom special.    I don’t know the answer to the question but I do know that she needs a break too.   I think initially both of us will pull back from ministry and simply take time to catch our breath.

I’ve been asked by several if we are moving.  The answer is “no.”  We will spend longer periods of time in Colorado with Linda’s parents and her brother but we have no intention to sell our home or leave Wenatchee.   This is home and besides our family is here, including our granddaughter Faith.   I want to spend more time with her along with more time camping, biking, skiing and all the fun stuff that’s hard to squeeze in when you are working fulltime.

Yes, I am planning to continue teaching as an adjunct instructor through Global University.  I’ve enjoyed my assignments in both the Caribbean and in Africa and hope to have more opportunities in the future to invest in pastors and church leaders.  Our Northwest Ministry Network will also be calling upon me to help in various roles such as helping church boards, training, and perhaps temporary fill-in work at churches throughout Central Washington.  For the time being, I will continue to chair the Finance Team for the Network and also  serve on the Executive Presbytery.

What will the process of obtaining a new pastor look like?    Well, first we need to inquire of the Lord and prepare our hearts.   That’s the reason for the 6 week season of prayer that I’ve called.   In January, the board will announce their selection of a candidate to be our next pastor.   This was not a decision made lightly.   They spent over 3 months last year (2022) in prayer, fasting, interviews, etc. before they unanimously came to a decision.   There will be a special get-acquainted night with that person in February and then a vote will be taken at our March 10th annual business meeting.   I have agreed to remain on staff in April and May to help wherever I can and to assure a smooth transition.    I’m excited about that opportunity to serve our new pastor and this great church family in a new capacity.

Linda and I will be taking a complete break for the three months of June, July, and August.   I’m not sure what the fall will look like.   I’m committed to do whatever is going to be most supportive of our new pastor and the greatest help to this wonderful congregation.  I can assure you that part of my heart will always be here and my prayers and support will never end.  I love each of you and am excited about his new season for Linda and me and for Wenatchee First Assembly.