Thank You 10.15.23
Jerry Beebe


I’m back from Ethiopia and want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your prayers while I was teaching at Addis Ababa Bible College.   This is my 7th teaching trip and the 6th country I’ve had the privilege of visiting in this capacity.   It was one of my most rewarding trips yet one of the most challenging teaching trips I’ve taken.

The people were  gracious and kind and I had really sharp students.   Some were young men just entering ministry, others were older men who had other careers but wanted to become more knowledgeable in Scriptures so they could be better prepared to minister in their local churches.   I had one student, a lady who was a structural engineer, who simply wanted to have a better understanding of the end-times.    One student had only been saved for 3 years and another was a former Orthodox Deacon who had led thousands of people to Jesus before being removed from his position within the church.  Their testimonies were incredible.

I felt your prayers as I taught, preached at two different churches and conducted one of the daily chapels at the Bible College.  It was rainy while I was there and neither the electricity or water was reliable.   I did decide, however, that is was better to wake up with water than electricity.   At least I could take a cold shower, although even then there wasn’t much pressure.  LOL    The food was very unique, meatless, and took a bit to get used to.   They have a wonderful way of blending complex spices so everything tasted good and certainly had a “kick.”    I think I ran out of Tums the first week.

When I travel, I go as an “Adjunct Instructor” with Global University.  During this trip I met Dr. Kenn DeShane who is currently working full-time as a professor at G.U.  These types of relationships are special and often lead to other opportunities to teach.

Again, thanks for your prayers and support.   WFA has always blessed and commissioned me to go as an extension of our vision to “inspire lifelong relationships with Jesus.”   As much as I enjoy these experiences though, I’ve come to appreciate the words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz –  “there’s no place like home.”