Beware of Legalism 10.8.23
Jerry Beebe


Years ago a food company released the perfect cake mix.  It required no additives, you just mixed water with the powder, put it in the oven and prepare yourself for a treat.    One problem developed – no one bought it.   It was a flop.   Puzzled, the manufacturer conducted surveys, identified the problem and reissued the cake mix with a slight alteration.    This time around you needed to add water and one egg.    Sales skyrocketed!

Why are we like that?  What makes us want to add to what is already complete?  Paul asked the same question when it came to our eternal salvation.  Why do we feel a need to add on to this free gift by adding other performance requirements?  (See Galatians 3 and Philippians 2)

Often we dismiss legalists as “harmless.”  They don’t dismiss Christ, they trust in Him a lot.  But – they don’t trust in Him alone!      Legalism is miserable because legalism is endless.   It leaves you with the anxiety that having done everything you know, you still might not have done enough.

Please remember my dear friend that salvation is not about what you do – it’s about what Jesus has already done!   Accept it, with no strings attached, as a free gift.