Teachers 9.24.23
Jerry Beebe


A couple weeks ago Pastor Darth prayed, in our morning service,  for all who are involved in education.   It’s a tradition we established years ago as a way to show our love and support to those who have been called to train and educate our children.  (In fact, when we were quite a bit smaller, we actually gave apple pies to every teacher)  I so much admire all those within our congregation who are letting the light of Jesus shine in our public school system.   Instead of isolating they are letting their light shine and having a vital impact on our children.    So KUDOS, to all involved in education, but especially those who teach in public schools.

Today I’d like to suggest a prayer that you can save and continue to use throughout this coming year:

“Heavenly Father, we come to you today and give thanks for all our teachers. Thank you for the way in which they give of themselves each day in the classroom, serving and instructing the next generation of our community.  We thank you for them all now. Father, please fill their hearts with courage now by your mighty Spirit. Fill them with your strength, so they may rise to every challenge and not grow weary. Fill them with your wisdom, so that they may be able to make good judgement when guiding and helping others. Fill them with your peace, so that when stress and anxiety comes it would not overwhelm them. Fill them with your joy, so that the passion they have for their subject may become a infectious passion that spreads. We ask all this in the wonderful name of Jesus.   Amen.”