ABC 9.17.23
Jerry Beebe


What comes to your mind when you think of A.B.C.?   Well, this week I hope you’ll think of “Addis Bible College” located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  That’s where I’m at for the next two weeks teaching a block course in “Eschatology” or commonly known as “the end times.”  We’ll be exploring the books of “Daniel and Revelation” and discussing the 4 main views of the end times.

I’ll have 18 students for four hours each day including one Saturday session.  They need 40 hours of classroom instruction in order to receive 3 credit hours toward their degree.   These young people are here at this residential seminary to receive theological and practical instruction on pastoral ministry.   What an honor for me to be asked to invest in their lives.

I’m certainly not a scholar or theologian but after over 40 years of ministry experience as a “practitioner” I hope to offer these students some practical application and wisdom on how to take a complex piece of Scripture, find Biblical principles, and apply them to their daily life.

I certainly appreciate the opportunity that this great church has given me to extend our vision to “inspire lifelong relationships with Jesus” beyond our local community and would ask for your prayers as I do my best to represent Jesus and WFA well in this teaching assignment.