Grandparents 9.10.23
Jerry Beebe


Sunday is “GRANDPARENT’S DAY” and I want to give a special shout-out to all those in our congregation who are privileged and honored to be a grandparent.  There are some who aren’t actual “biological” grandparents but still take the time to interact, encourage and mentor the children of our congregation.  THANK YOU!   The Scripture is clear that older people are to use their experiences and wisdom to teach those who are younger.  That’s the beauty of a multi-generational church like ours.

If your grandparents are still alive, I’d encourage you to contact them this weekend.  You don’t need to send a card or buy a gift.   They will be thrilled to hear from you and know you care about them.  If possible, spend some time with them.   Ask questions and learn from them.

Also, I’d encourage all you grandparents to make an effort to reach out to your grandkids this weekend.  Whether they live near or far; whether you are close or have a rocky relationship, take the initiative and the high road to let them know you love them, are praying for them, and are available to help them in anyway possible.   Whether they respond or not, the seed of love and invitation to be part of your heritage will be known in their hearts.

God bless each of you!   Your greatest gift is your family.   Don’t take them for granted but express your love and appreciation this Grandparent’s Day.