Jim Elliott 8.20.23
Jerry Beebe


Jim Elliot became a Christian at a young age and after graduating from Wheaton he became a missionary in Ecuador, South America.   Jim, with a few other young missionaries, wanted to reach a tribe of Indians who lived in a remote region beyond civilization. The tribe was known for its violence so no-one ventured in their territory but they were people for whom Jesus had died to bring them forgiveness and salvation.

Jim and his four friends thought the best way was to try to make friends with them. They made contact by flying a small aircraft down their river bank. They made contact from their airplane with the tribe by using a loudspeaker and a basket to pass down gifts.  After several months, the men decided to build a base a short distance from the Indian tribe. There they were approached several times by small groups of Indians, and even gave an airplane ride to one curious man.

Encouraged by these friendly encounters, they began plans to visit the tribe, but then a larger group of Indians arrived who were vicious and they killed Elliot and his four companions on January 8, 1956.  After his death an entry was found in his diary that is quoted by many missionaries today: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”