Spiritual Warfare 5.28.23
Jerry Beebe


The past couple weeks in our Wednesday night Bible study, we’ve briefly looked at the topic of “spiritual warfare.”   It’s generally a topic that is so uncomfortable that people ignore it ….or…..it fascinates people, who enjoy the drama of it all, and it is blown way out of proportion.  Neither position is healthy.   We need to have a good understanding and realization that we are in a spiritual battle.  There is a real enemy who is out to kill, rob, steal, and destroy.  (John 10:10)   But we also need to understand that we need not fear if we place our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, for He has destroyed the power of the enemy.  As the Bible says, the devil can now only go about and roar, seeking those whom he can devour.   But if you are in Christ, you are safe!   You can’t be devoured.

It seems simple, but in reality, you can easily ascertain the source of those things you wrestle with by using John 10:10 as a litmus test.   If your thoughts, or actions, bring fear, division, conflict or chaos – then it’s Satan who is behind it.   Jesus brings love, peace, faith and unity.    Reject those things that cause you to fear.    Embrace those things that cause you to have peace and joy.   Remember, greater is He that resides within you (the Holy Spirit) than he that is in the world (the enemy.)  1 John 4:4