Apple Blossom 5.7.23
Jerry Beebe


It’s “Apple Blossom” time in the Wenatchee Valley!   What a wonderful, and beautiful, time of the  year!   There are so many activities and events to participate in.   I hope you have taken advantage of the opportunities we have to be involved in our community.  I realize that many tend to hide or isolate themselves from the crowds.  But it’s actually a great way to let the light of Jesus shine through your life.   Holding a door open, offering an encouraging smile or word,  giving someone a seat, letting someone out in traffic, being positive, and looking for ways of sharing your faith.    Jesus never isolated himself from those around Him but used those times to build bridges and create relationships.

Years ago WFA sponsored a “water station” in Memorial Park, right in the triangle area in front of the library.  For many years Lloyd Burbank donated a trailer and we had a host of volunteers that provided chairs for people to rest and glasses of cool water.   (For a couple years we even offered free hot coffee but that didn’t go over very well with the vendors who were selling it.)   Time moves on and circumstances change and the door to that ministry closed.   I was so thankful that Calvary Chapel began offering bottles of water to those on the parade route so  we took on picking up trash along the parade route for a few years.  Just ways of showing the community that we care.

Even though right now we don’t do any corporate or organized outreach, I would encourage you to individually make a difference by simply allowing the love, kindness and grace of Jesus to shine through your life.   Let’s celebrate with our community this wonderful valley in which we live.  Truly the beauty of the creation reflects the beauty of the Creator and we too can allow the beauty of Jesus to be seen in us.     Happy Apple Blossom everyone!