Psalm 101 4.30.23
Jerry Beebe


Psalm 101 is a great song of David that expresses 5 “I Will’s.”  These are things that David vowed to do and also serve as great reminders to us as well.

  1.  I will sing of love and justice. (vs 1)  –  When dealing with others, some of us are all love and not justice.  Others are all justice and no love.  God requires both.
  2. I will be careful to lead a blameless life.  (vs 2) –  People are more impacted by your behavior than by your beliefs.    Those not persuaded by your theology can still be won by your love and lifestyle.
  3. I will conduct the affairs of my house.  (vs 3)  –  Charity begins at home.  If your family perceives you as joyless and judgmental you’ll never win them to Christ.  We need the Lord’s help to act like we should.
  4. I will not look with approval on vile things.  (vs 3) – Get real here.  The television is on 7 hours a day in the average home.  What are you exposing yourself and your family to?
  5. I will put to silence all the wicked.  (vs 8) –  The Living Bible states, “I will not tolerate anyone who secretly slanders his neighbor; I will not permit conceit and pride.  What type of slander are we listening to?

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to help us commit and keep, as our own, these 5 “I Wills” of David as we move forward in our spiritual journey.