Thank You Volunteers! 4.23.23
Jerry Beebe


Today I simply want to say THANKS to the dozens and dozens of you who volunteer, at any level, to help us with our vision to “inspire lifelong relationships with Jesus.”   You are truly loved and appreciated!   We don’t thank you often enough but I want to assure you that your labors of love do not go unnoticed.   A church could not begin to exist without volunteers.  They are the back-bone of any ministry and here at WFA we recognize how valuable you really are.

There are so many people who you’ll never see in the spot-light but make things happen here at WFA.   We so appreciate our door-greeters, our auditorium hosts who collect the offering, the couple who shops for our coffee supplies, those who take tablecloths home to wash, men who mow the grass, open the building for services,  people who shop for Packing Friendships, and those who come in weekly and assemble the lunch bags.  How about the faithful teachers in our children’s classrooms or the ladies who make coffee and provide cookies for families after we host a funeral or memorial service and the lady who folds our offering envelopes?   Of course there are deacons who donate their time and talent as members of the board of directors as well as over 60 who are members of our weekly prayer team and faithfully intercede for those who  have needs.

Often overlooked are the ladies who come clean the kitchen or the men who volunteered  time to do some needed painting or repairs around our building.  There are people who are willing to take a meal to someone in need or to do shopping or errands for a shut-in.   Our services would be severely impacted without volunteers who run the sound, coordinate the lights and make sure we have  the words to our worship songs on the screen.   Our worship team, whether singers or musicians, donate time throughout the week as well as coming early on Sunday to prepare to lead us into the presence of God.

Oh,  I could continue to speak of those who decorate tables for our monthly Young at Heart potlucks, those 25 people who recently showed up on a Saturday morning to sweep, clean, trim, and tidy-up our front entrance or those who have opened up their homes and hearts to lead small groups throughout the week.   We have youth leaders who volunteer, a seniors committee that plans events, and………well, the list goes on and on.  You get the idea.

God sees your ministry my friends and will reward you one day in eternity.  In the meantime, whatever you do on behalf of WFA, whether seen or acknowledged – please know we really do love and appreciate you!!