Pastor Appreciation – 11.6.22
Jerry Beebe


Last month was “Pastor’s Appreciation Month” and I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of Pastor Darth, Pastor Allen and myself, to sincerely thank you for the many expressions of love and appreciation that were given.  They were truly an encouragement to us and our spouses and sincerely warmed our hearts.

Your appreciation was demonstrated in a variety of ways.  There were cards and letters.  We received cookies, baked goods, gift cards and socks.  One family had their children record a special personalized video greeting to each of us.  Items for our offices (like crosses and plaques) were given as well as dozens of hand-written messages, folded like paper airplanes, that were received from the children in Kids Life.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve you and your family.  We are blessed by our calling to lead this great congregation.   A special thanks to our board who promoted this special appreciation “month.”  But, the fact be told; we feel loved and appreciated every month!  You truly a wonderful and loving church family.   Thanks again for your expressions of gratitude and support!