Chocolate Cake 11.20.22
Jerry Beebe


Next Sunday, November 27th, I’m going to present an illustrated sermon that hopefully will help us all understand why we can trust God even when things in our life aren’t pleasant or might not make sense.   I’m taking off my “Preacher’s” hat and putting on a “Chef” hat in a message called “God’s Chocolate Cake Recipe.”   The text that day will be Romans 8 28-29.

Decades ago, while we were still in worshiping in the gym, I used this outline.  A few weeks ago I ran across it and felt impressed to revise and refresh it and use it again. The Biblical truth remains the same and to be honest, I really don’t recycle too many sermons but this time I’m making an exception.

This message will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving when we are still focusing on being grateful for the many blessings of the Lord!   I think it will help us be thankful for all things as we realize that God uses everything together for our good.

I’d encourage you to invite a friend to church.   People are more prone to participate in a worship experience this time of year and I believe they will enjoy a rather untraditional approach to the teaching of the day.

God bless each of you.  I trust you have a wonderful Thanksgiving together with your family and friends.