$1,000 “Worship” Tickets 11.13.22
Jerry Beebe


Recently a major church took their worship team on the road for a number of concerts throughout the country.  They billed it as a “worship” night but found themselves criticized since tickets for the event sold for over $1,000 in the Los Angeles area.  I’m sure those who attended enjoyed it and were inspired but for those of us who don’t want to spend hundreds of  dollars to “worship” I have some good news.

You see, worship is a calling of every follower of Jesus Christ.  But what exactly is worship?   Be definition, it is simply “ascribing worth” to God.  Obviously we do that in a number of different ways.   Worship can be found in where we spend our time and our money.  It can be demonstrated in our reactions to the bumps, pain, and disappointments of life.   It’s done privately, in our homes, and together corporately as a church family.

In many ways, everything we do should be worship.   After all, the Scripture declares that whatever we do, we should do unto the glory of God.  (1 Corinthians 10:31)  It’s so much more than listening to a band and singing songs together.  Do we thank God for a good meal, an amazing sunrise, clean running water in our homes, and the more common things we experience throughout the week?   It’s obvious we need to praise the Lord for a miraculous healing, a financial provision or a restored relationship.  But I’d encourage us all to extend our “worship” to the little things we enjoy day in and day out.

Remember, all good gifts are from God.  So the next time you enjoy something, please “ascribe worth” to the Lord and turn whatever you are enjoying into a moment of personal worship.