New Members. 10.30.22
Jerry Beebe


I have good news this week and even better news if you stop and analyze what I’m going to share.  Sometimes it’s not as obvious as other times, but God is working in our midst, rebuilding our congregation and answering our prayers!!

Last week our board approved members for 5 people, representing 4 family units.  Out of those family units, there are 9 children!  That’s really says something about our ability to connect with younger families which is our goal as our congregation continues to age.

About 4 years ago the board felt a real need to add a “Family Pastor” to our staff.  It was a step of faith financially but we felt compelled it was what the Lord wanted.  Pastor Allen joined us in the fall of 2019 and had all sorts of plans for a VBS, Easter Egg Hunt, etc. and then in the spring of 2020 the pandemic hit.    He wasn’t able to do anything he had wanted or planned so became creative in finding ways to minister to families.  It’s definitely been an interesting few years but he and Taryn have done a great job connecting with our kid, our students and even our young adults.  (There were over a dozen young adults at the last bowling event)

Anyway, to see that those families who have recently committed to corporate membership have 9 children among them is really exciting to me.  It shows that even though the growth is slower than we had hoped, we are reaching younger families for Jesus and inspiring them to establish “a lifelong relationship with Jesus.”

Please let Pastor Allen and Taryn how much we love and appreciate them next time you see them.