5 Works 6.19.22
Jerry Beebe


Pentecost Sunday was a few weeks ago. (June 5)   Even though we didn’t acknowledge it as we’ve done in the past, it’s an important part of our understanding of God’s love and care for us.   When Jesus rose from the dead, He assured His disciples that when He ascended to the Father, that He would send another “advocate.”   That’s the Holy Spirit who was sent on the Day of Pentecost and dwells in each of us who believe and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  2 Corinthians states that if anyone is IN Christ that they ARE a new creature.  Not that we will become, but that the Spirit performs 5 irrevocable works in us through our faith.     Let’s briefly explore them:

  1.  Baptism:  A New Position – We are placed in Christ, becoming part of His body.   We have a new “spiritual” position as heirs of the Father.
  2. Regeneration:  A New Life – This is the work by which the Spirit makes us spiritually alive. We are born again, spiritually.   Eternal life has been imputed to us and we are transferred from darkness to the kingdom of light.
  3. Indwelling:  A New Power – This inherent power can be activated through the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Not only is the power of sin broken, but we can draw on the omnipotence of God.
  4. Gifting:  A New Purpose –  We each have a unique spiritual gift and a work to accomplish.
  5. Sealing:  A New Destiny –  In ancient times the seal signified:  ownership, security, and safe delivery.  In the same way every believer is marked or sealed by the Spirit.

Let’s be thankful this week that the Lord did not leave us as orphans but sent the blessed Holy Spirit who has miraculously performed the 5 works listed above in our life.  Let’s also pledge to yield daily and submit in obedience to His guidance, correction and work in our lives.