Memorial Day 5.29.22
Jerry Beebe


This week I had honor of officiating a memorial service for one of our U.S. Navy Veterans, Larry Davis, who passed away last October.  The service and burial was held at the Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent.  This cemetery is reserved for those who have served our country and their dependents.   It’s more than impressive and sobering to be at a U.S. National Cemetery and realize the sacrifices that have been made to maintain our freedom.  The reverence, the respect, and the formality, all serve as a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy aren’t really free.   People throughout the last 246 years have fought in multiple wars to maintain a country that has “liberty and justice for all.”

We realize the United States isn’t perfect.  Events of the past few years have served as a reminder that we still have a long way to go for all to have equal opportunity no matter gender, education, race, or religion.  But friends, the U.S. is far ahead of most countries in truly being the “land of opportunity.”  Let’s not avoid the hard conversations but let’s also not fail to recognize how fortunate we are to live here and be part of one of the greatest countries in the world!

This Sunday we will recognize families who have known, loved and lost a loved one in service to our country.  That’s what Memorial Day is all about.  To mourn the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces.   May we all take a moment to remember!

Speaking of our great country, we will be starting a “30 Days of Prayer” for America beginning June 5 and continuing through the 4th of July.   Each day will feature a video prayer posted on our WFA Connect Facebook group and a printed prayer guide will be given to you on Sunday, June 5th.

May God bless America!