God Hears & Answers 5.22.22
Jerry Beebe


I’ve just got to share the most remarkable testimony with you today concerning this blog.   In my mind, this was going to be my final blog.  I had come to the conclusion that no one read it and I could better utilize the time it takes each week to prepare.  Yet, I was sad and it wasn’t the decision I really wanted to make.

You see, as a boy, my childhood pastor, Ward Tanneberg, always wrote an article in the bulletin.  (as it was called at that time)   I faithfully read it  each week.  Sometimes I learned a theological truth, or laughed at a silly joke.   When he talked about his activities or family, it endeared me to him and I felt more connected to him as my spiritual leader.    It truly was impactful.  So back in 1987, when I assumed the role of pastor here at WFA, I wanted to connect with people the same way.  So I began a weekly article that appeared in our “bulletin” and eventually evolved into this electronic version called “a blog.”

I was, and am, amazed at how important it is to me to share my heart.  It’s like having a cup of coffee with each of you.  I obviously can’t do that in person, but I feel like I’m sharing my heart when I write.    But…..as I stated…..I came the conclusion I was only doing it for “me” and no one else was benefiting.

But…..guess what?  The Lord, in His kindness, prompted a member of our congregation to send me an email last week.  Wow!  I was surprised to find out that she read my blog every week, and liked it!!   She wrote:  “I love your blog. Each one is so inspiring or hits home at the right time. I am seriously thinking about printing all of them and posting them on my bulletin board.  Thank you for taking the time to research and write them.  They do make a difference.”

My heart was warmed!  Honestly, I got tears in my eyes.    I was so touched by her email and even more touched that the Lord knew that I needed some encouragement and that I should continue to share each week in this manner.    God is faithful.   It was almost like He answered a prayer that I really hadn’t actually prayed.    So…..I will, with joy, continue to share each week and hope that many of you read and enjoy this blog.