Sanctification 11.7.21
Jerry Beebe


A theological term that is often used in the church is “sanctification.”   In simple terms it mean “to be made holy.”   Another way of understanding it is to “be set apart” for a holy work.   It’s actually a process by which we as believers yield to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to do His transforming work in our lives.  As Dr. David Jeremiah puts it, “changing us from the inside out.”

There are actually three phases of sanctification that are important for us to understand.  The initial act of setting apart happens at our salvation and is positional in nature.  Because of our faith in Christ, we are righteous in God’s eyes.  Then there’s the progressive or ongoing process of becoming more like Christ.  We mature and grow as we walk with Him.   We learn to die to our flesh and to allow His Spirit to live through us, resulting in the fruit of the Spirit.  The final setting apart from sin, or sanctification, is when we are made “perfect” at the coming of Christ.

1 Thessalonians details our sanctification as follows:

  1. Positional – I was sanctified (4:7)
  2. Progressive – I am being sanctified.  (4:30)
  3. Perfected – I will be sanctifies.  (3:13)

Our job in all of this is simply to yield to God and be obedient to His Holy Spirit no matter what phase we might be in.  It’s God job to set us apart of His service and make us holy unto Himself.  We just need to allow it to happen.