Pastor Darth 11.14.21
Jerry Beebe


I’ll be out of town this weekend celebrating my father-in-law’s 90th birthday.  It’s important to acknowledge and participate in family events as we never know, no matter what the age, how many more opportunities we will have to build those memories and acknowledge those who are close to us.

In my absence, I’ve asked Pastor Darth to preach.  I know that he has heard from the Lord and you’ll benefit from his teaching.  He’s truly a man of God.   It’s been an honor to have him by my side for over 21 years.  First as our Youth Pastor, then as Worship Arts Pastor, and now serving as Associate Lead Pastor.  In each of these areas of responsibility he has given his best and served both the church and me in a stellar fashion.   Pastor Darth has never strived to obtain another position but always has been content and worked hard where God has placed him.   He is as loyal as they come and there is no one I trust more.  He has proven himself throughout these years to follow the leading of the Lord ,and to be faithful and committed to us.

I can’t begin to tell you how rare it is for an Associate to stay on a team for two decades; to love, grow, and walk with the pastor and congregation that he has committed to serve.  We are blessed my friends, more than we realize.  Let’s thank the Lord for the example and leadership Pastor Darth provides and let’s become more like Jesus by heeding the message he has prepared for us this weekend.