The Holy Spirit 10.31.21
Jerry Beebe


This coming Sunday is Oct 31 and the world around us will observe “Halloween.”  Without going into the historical aspects of this celebration, I simply want to say that in our culture there is a great emphasis on ghosts, evil spirits and the demonic.  Certainly not the type of activities that strengthen our faith.  But the thing is, all this focus is a counterfeit of the authentic “Holy Spirit” that God offers to all who have received His Son, Jesus Christ as their Savior.

One of our core values at WFA is “Spirit Empowerment.”   By that we mean that we want people to experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit which provides us power for life and service!   The Holy Spirit was given as a gift to us when Jesus ascended back to  heaven after the resurrection.   He was given to empower us to witness and do the supernatural works of God.   The Scripture indicates that as believers were filled with the Spirit they were also given the ability to speak “with other tongues.”   The Apostle Paul confirms this experience saying that he spoke in tongues more than anyone else.  He knew the strength, power, and boldness it brings.

The Assemblies of God is a “Pentecostal” church meaning we believe in the fulness of the Holy Spirit for each believer.  There is a work apart from salvation called the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” that was not only for the early church but for each of us who are Christ-followers.

I’ve asked Pastor Mike Johnson to teach on this subject this week.  He recently led our Wednesday Journey Bible Study on Acts 2 and was anointed of the Lord to declare this wonderful truth.  I am praying for him, for you, and for a might outpouring of the Spirit as we gather this Sunday at 10:00am.