A 22 Year Wait 9.26.21
Jerry Beebe


I was recently visiting with my brother-in-law who for decades has been the Chief Water Engineer for a suburb of Denver.  He was sharing his excitement that a new reservoir was about to be built.  Then he explained that it’s a project he has worked on for 22 years and spent $75 million on permits, fees, environmental studies, governmental hearings, etc.  No wonder he was excited for the actual groundbreaking!!  Can you imagine the thrill of watching dirt move on something you have invested that many years of time, efforts and finances in?  He promised that next spring he’ll take me up to the site and show me what will no doubt be the “crown-gem” of his career.

In the “instant” society we live, with highspeed internet, microwaves and cars that start remotely, it’s hard for us to wait.  In fact, sometimes we see waiting as a negative thing.  But the reality is the Bible teaches that waiting is a positive and good thing.  Isaiah declares that “those who wait (or hope) in the Lord will find new strength.”  (40:31)   It’s in the waiting that our faith is put to work.  It’s in the waiting that God’s promises become our anchor of hope.  It’s in the waiting that we truly learn to depend upon God and not our circumstances.

Psalm 37 exhorts us to “be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.”  (vs 7)   Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for the promise of a son to be born.  But Isaac did arrive in God’s timing and the Bible indicates that Abraham’s faith in God’s promises was credited to him as “righteousness.

So, don’t give up my friend!!  You may be discouraged that things aren’t happening fast enough  but God will come through in His perfect time.  Allow your faith to be strengthened as you wait upon Him.   Trust Him in seeing a bigger picture and the optimum time to grant your request.    My brother-in-law waited 22 years; Abraham waited 25 years – but God is faithful and He will do as He has promised.