3 Words 9.12.21
Jerry Beebe


I have recently launched a new weekly video series called, “Three Words.”  The purpose is to share God’s truth in simple terms.  So often we tend to overcomplicate the Gospel message.  It’s fun to dig deep and discuss complex theological issues but most of us need to understand the profound truths of the Bible in a way we can simply accept and apply.

You’ll be amazed at how many “three word” statements are found in the Bible.  Each Tuesday on our Facebook Online page, I’ll share 3 words, accompanied by a relevant bible verse and a short reflection of God’s love, direction and encouragement for daily living.  I’m basing this series from research done by Terry Ferguson of Birmingham, Alabama.  We can all grasp three words!

If you aren’t a member of our Facebook “WFA Online” page, please send a request via the page to join.  This is not our regular FB page, which we use to promote events and reach out into the community.  The “Online” page is designed to communicate directly to our WFA church family and allow them to share prayer needs, ask questions, etc.

Please  take advantage of this short video teaching each Tuesday as we look at “3 Words” that can hep us understand and live out our Christian faith.  I pray that it proves to be a benefit to you in your walk with Jesus.