Fathers 8.15.21
Jerry Beebe


I sure do miss my Dad.  It’s a funny thing but just his presence was a source of strength and encouragement to me.   I was fortunate.  I had a good Dad.  One who loved me and one who loved God.   I’m thankful for my rich spiritual heritage!  I’m thankful that by observation I learned how to love and serve God, how to treat my wife, be honest in business affairs, be a good neighbor, love without prejudice and so many other life lessons.

There are many, however, who weren’t as fortunate and had either absent fathers or dads that didn’t do so well in representing our Heavenly Father.  Often when we have a toxic upcoming it forms our thinking and our behavior.  We are all products of our environment but we don’t have to be victims or our circumstances.

Right Now Media is a resource we provide free of charge.  It’s a goldmine of resources and they have recently introduced a new 10 session series for me called: “Mending Lines – Cycle Breakers.”

If you are having a hard time relating to our Loving Heavenly Father, because of a bad earthly example, I’d encourage you to watch this series.  Contact us at info@wfa.church if you haven’t opened up your Right Now account.  We’ll be happy to approve your membership and send you a link.

God is inviting you to restoration and a better relationship with God our Father, no matter what kind of relationship you had with your earthly father.