A Pastor’s Week 8.8.21
Jerry Beebe


I think most people are aware that a pastor does much more than just show up on Sunday morning and preach a sermon.  That’s probably the most “public” aspect of a the week but much more goes on behind the scenes.   There are many who remind me that they pray for me daily and words can’t express how much I appreciate that!  Recently someone, in all sincerity, asked what I did during the week, so I decided to keep a diary and share with you the many opportunities that I’m given to serve God and this great congregation.

Obviously, studying and praying for the teachings on Sunday is a priority and consumes many hours of my week.  I also conduct staff meetings, follow up on prayer requests, email visitors and missionaries, review finances, and meet with the bookkeeper.  Last week I had lunch with a deacon and on another day enjoyed lunch and fellowship with a local pastor.   I folded offering envelopes, did hospital visitation, knocked down a hornets nest on the playground and arranged for a water back flow test for the P.U.D.

I met with a family in their home to plan their loved ones funeral, sent an update to our deacon board, met with a fencing company for an estimate, visited several shut-ins, provided a pre-marital counseling session to a couple planning to be married, straightened the chairs in the courtyard, handled a request for benevolence funds and participated in a Zoom Investment Team meeting for our Network.

A non-church member asked to meet with me to discuss “tongues” and I wrote several notes to people I haven’t seen for awhile.  I wrote this blog, wrote a funeral sermon, worked on the agenda for the next board meeting and even found time to attend our mid-week Bible study, meet with Pastor Allen and pull a few weeds around the building.  Did I mention answering multiple phone calls, emails and texts throughout the week?

I share these details of my week, not to complain or look for compliments.  I share because someone asked, “what do you do during the week?”  Hopefully you’ll now have better insight into a pastor’s life but will also be more apt to pray for strength, wisdom, patience, grace and all that is needed to fulfill this great calling of leading and serving Wenatchee First Assembly.

I love you and it’s an honor to be your pastor!