Mountains 6.13.21


Sometimes the mountains in our life are absolutely overwhelming.  Maybe a relational problem, a financial need or a health crisis.  Often as we navigate through the reality and necessity of dealing with those situations, they can become all consuming.  Before long the problem  (or mountain)  of our life is all we think about from morning to night.    Even though you believe in Jesus,  “the mountain mover” of the situation, you find yourself more focused in on the problem than the promises of God we find in the Scripture.

I’ve found through the years, that you can’t win a victory as long as your problem is the biggest thing in your life.  Jesus said in Matthew 6, we can’t serve God and mammon.  Then he immediately adds, take no thought for your life.  Take no thought!  Don’t become a servant to your thoughts!   Kenneth Copeland says, “quite allowing (your mountains) to consume your thought life.  And don’t wait until the circumstances change to do it.  Instead, realize that circumstances won’t ever change until you switch from wrong to right thinking.”

Switching our thoughts from the mountain to the mountain-mover is not always easy to do, but it is possible.   Remember, you aren’t alone.  You have the Word (God’s thoughts) and the Holy Spirit to strengthen you.  Get around people who are full of faith and will speak hope instead of just rehearsing your problem .  Finally, praise God in the store.  As you begin to praise, the Lord’s presence will turn back those worried thoughts and make them fall.

Your problems are not the biggest thing in your life.  Jesus is!  Serve Him with your thoughts and He will set you free!