Only Jesus 5.9.21
Jerry Beebe


Last week we talked about the value of “Spiritual Development” or maturity.  Just as Jesus grew in stature and wisdom, all of us as His disciples should also be growing in our faith.  That means we trust more and we obey more.  It really has nothing to do with “understanding” but rather a deep commitment to the Lord that assures us that we can trust He will use everything in our life to conform us into His image.  (Romans 8: 28-29)   It’s a “let it be” attitude, trusting God to fulfill His purpose in our lives, no matter what circumstances or tools He might choose to use.

So many Christians miss the joy of walking and growing with Jesus because they are always in search of something “new.”  The Scripture declares in Ecclesiastes that there is really nothing new under the sun.  (1:9)  People who are always trying to find something bigger and better will always be frustrated in their spiritual life.  There is no “secret” truth to discover.  The fact is, Jesus is the truth!   Jesus as a person.  As our Savior.  As our Friend.  The truth is found in a “person” and nothing else.

I’d encourage you this week to be content.  Not complacement.  We always want to be growing and make our spiritual development a priority.  But content in the fact when we find Jesus, we have found the “truth” and our relationship and trust in Him is more than enough.   Jesus alone!