Glance & Gaze 4.11.21
Jerry Beebe


Recently in our Wednesday night discussion of our “Journey Through the Word,” one of our members shared something that God has shown her.   It really struck a chord in my heart and I believe is a word from the Lord for all of us.  The Lord told her to “glance down at the world” and all its events, confusion, activities etc.; but to make sure her “gaze was heaven-bound” and set on Jesus alone.   Glance downward, but gaze upward. Oh what a great thought!

I think we all realize that the more we stare at something the bigger it becomes.   If you hold a coin close enough to your eye, and stare at it, it will actually block out the sun.  Think of that.  A measly quarter can keep you from seeing the source of light and heat for our planet.  But sometimes we allow those little irritants in our life, the disappointments, hurt feelings, and lack of control to become bigger than a God who has promised to never leave us and to work everything out for our good if we simply trust Him.

So often our problems grow as we gaze at them.   Many times I’ve not felt any more faith after a prayer session because I’ve been gazing at the problem.  Instead, the Bible clearly instructs us to lift up our eyes and view the God of the mountain, instead of the mountain itself.   As we pray and meditate we should fill our hearts, minds, and soul with the promises that God is greater!   There is nothing impossible with Him!   He is greater than anything or anyone we will ever face.

If you find yourself discouraged today my friend, let me ask, “where is your gaze?”  If you watch more news or soap operas than you spend reading the Word or listening to worship music, maybe you need to change your “gaze.”  Don’t be ignorant of what is going on in our culture and nation, but don’t get stuck there.   Glance at the earthly things but set your minds above and gaze in the face and promises of our loving, caring, faithful God and His Kingdom which is alive and well despite what we see around us.