Derek Chauvin 5.2.21
Jerry Beebe


I’m experiencing some mixed emotions as I ponder the recent verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.  No doubt, he murdered George Floyd.  The “guilty” verdict holds him accountable for his actions.   Yet, as I watched him led away in handcuffs it didn’t quite feel right to also watch tens of thousands of people around the nation cheer and celebrate.  Is the hate for Derek Chauvin any different than the hate for George Floyd?  Some who criticized the killing of Floyd are now rejoicing and wanting to kill Chauvin as if that would somehow bring Floyd back to life.

As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “hate for hate only intensifies the existence of hate and evil in the universe.”   Revenge, vengeance, our view of “justice” sometimes gets in the way of what the Bible actually teaches we should do:

“… your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…”    (Jesus, as recorded in Matthew 5:44)

Jeff Hood recently wrote:  “The journey to true justice is always going to flow through the redemptions of those who perpetuate injustice.”  This is no time to celebrate the destruction of an enemy.  Let’s pray for everyone who has been effected by this senseless tragedy, including Derek Chauvin and his family.