Growth. 3.14.21
Jerry Beebe


Our second value at WFA is:  “Spiritual Development.”  We want people to encounter the life-changing power of a relationship with Jesus; growing in their knowledge of God and maturing in their Christian faith.   Being part of an authentic community means there are no spectators.  We are all on the team and need to participate with God in the transformation He is making in our lives while being available and obedient to His voice.  According to Romans 8, His goal for us as individuals is to be conformed into the image of Christ.  That means we should continue to develop spiritually be a little more like Jesus every day.

As we walk in community there is room for everyone at WFA no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.   That’s the beauty of it.  The Bible says the older more mature help the younger believers.   The younger believers bring in a freshness, excitement and relevance to those who have walked with the Lord for decades.  Whether you are just seeking spiritual answers or you have followed Jesus for decades.  We want to help you take the next step.

Where are you on the linear path of spiritual maturity?   There is no right or wrong answer.   The important thing is that you are continuing the journey and can see the fruit of “spiritual development” in your life.  WFA values spiritual development and offer teaching, groups, classes, events, and relational opportunities for all of us to grow in our faith and trust of the Lord Jesus.