Empowerment 3.21.21
Jerry Beebe


Here at WFA, we want people to experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit which provides us power for life and service.  There are many churches preaching salvation but WFA is somewhat unique in our “Pentecostal” distinctive and thus we value; “Spiritual Empowerment.”  We believe all Christians have the Holy Spirit living in them but not all Christians have fully surrendered or yielded to that Spirit in a separate work of grace.

There is a second work God wants to do in all of our lives after salvation.  It’s an experience we call the “baptism in the Holy Spirit.”   According to Acts 1:8 the primary purpose of is to give us power to be more effective witnesses.  It also affords us a new tongue or language that enables our spirit to speak directly to God.   This baptism in the Holy Spirit is vital to the spiritual life and service of every believer and is the key to the churches power.

We also believe that spiritual empowerment helps us defend the faith, rebuke the power of the enemy, gives boldness, grace and power to endure trials, tribulations and hardships.   It’s not just a “doctrine” but a value that we cherish here at Wenatchee First Assembly.    Next week, I’ll share the fourth and final value of our church.