Hungry Kids 2.28.21
Jerry Beebe


It’s sad to think of a child waking up, getting dressed but not having any breakfast before arriving at school.   But, the fact is, it’s the lifestyle of hundreds of children right here in North Central Washington.    Can you imagine trying to concentrate on your studies while your stomach is growling?   This is a classic contemporary example of why James tell us that as followers of Jesus, we need to feed those who are hungry, so they will experience and be more open to hearing of the love of Jesus.

I’m happy to inform you that WFA is now providing a “Breakfast Pantry” five days a week for around 60 students in the Orondo School District through a program called “Communities in Schools.”  Vicki Franks has taken on this project for us, along with our continued participation in “Packing Friendships” which provides bags of nutritious food for students at John Newberry School.

There has been more than one occasion that teachers from Newberry have thanked me for the food we are providing to their students.   This ministry, along with Communities in School is a wonderful way for us to be involved in our community and help those in need.

Your missions giving helps make this possible!  If you would like to donate specifically to feeding hungry kids in our school system, please mark your offering “Packing Friendships” and we’ll make sure that 100% of your donation goes to these wonderful projects!   Thanks in advance for your generosity that allows us to share Jesus in a practical way.