Prayer 1.3.21
Jerry Beebe


As we begin this New Year of 2021 your Pastoral Staff feels very strongly that  to be more effective in our vision and mission, we must return to the basics.    Too often we have substituted marketing and church growth techniques  for an intimate relationship with Jesus.   The Scripture is clear that if we abide in Him, if we remain close to the Vine, that fruit will be the result.  Our goal shouldn’t be the “fruit” as much as our relationship with Jesus.

In an effort for all of us to grow in our faith this year, we are encouraging you to read through the Bible with us.  You can find a printed  Bible reading plan at the door or at

Another important spiritual discipline is that of prayer.  The Bible is God speaking to us and prayer is the way we talk to God.  Starting January 3rd we encourage you to take additional time each day to pray in a focused specific way.  In fact, I’d encourage you to fast a meal each day and use that time to draw closer to the Lord.

Printed prayer points for each day of the week are available or you can find them at  Each day has a theme and we will be posting a short prayer and a video testimony on our Facebook page every day based on that theme.

As always, you can email your personal prayer requests to us at: and we will agree together for a miracle in your life.