Nominating Committee 12.6.20
Jerry Beebe


It’s that time of year again to begin thinking about our Annual Meeting.   We are unsure how that will look with the current COVID-19 restrictions and with no provision to meet virtually or cast ballots electronically or by mail.   But your WFA Leadership Team is looking at various options and will keep you posted.  We are planning to meet in February 2021 and a big item is the proposal of a new governance document that will take the place of our current Constitution and Bylaws.   One other thing we do know, is that there are 3 deacon positions that need to be filled.

Our bylaws state that a Nominating Committee will be appointed by the existing board and that committee will pray, vet candidates and come back with a slate of nominees.  Those who will be serving on the committee this year include:  Terry Johnson, Mary Sullivan, John Eksted, Terry Walker and myself.   If you have someone in mind that you think would be a good Deacon, please contact one of these individuals and submit their name.  Every name submitted will be prayerfully considered in light of the Scriptural qualifications and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You can also submit names directly to the church office by sending your suggestions to:

May the Lord guide our members through these challenging times and raise up the men and women He has ordained to help us inspire lifelong relationships with Jesus.